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Why do I need a lawyer

Why do I need a lawyer if my chances appear good under the point system?

Even if at first glance you appear to have acquired the necessary points needed to immigrate to Canada, your chances in achieving this goal may not be high. Keep in mind that even those facts that seem incontrovertible to you can be understood differently depending on one`s point of view. Other unforeseen circumstances can hurt your case, such as the loss of your file or its confusion with files belonging to other applicants. Most importantly, the deciding factor in accepting your request for immigration is the “immigration interview”, which is conducted by an immigration officer with only you and your family present. Thus your fate lies in the hands of one individual. Despite the immigration officer`s training and professionalism, he or she is a person just like you. His or her decisions may be influenced by a variety of factors. For example, you wouldn`t want your future to be decided by someone who is suffering from a migraine or who has just had a fight with his or her spouse. Finally, the result of the interview depends on your preparedness to answer the questions posed to you in a professional (by Western standards) manner.

All of the above issues can be dealt with by retaining a lawyer like The International Immigration Law Firm of Inna Kogan. Inna Kogan will ensure that your application is properly filled out and will present you in the most favorable light. She will also keep track of your file to make certain that it is not lost and that there are no improper delays in the processing of your application. You will also be protected from inappropriate negative factors that could affect your immigration interview, such as possible unlawful prejudices and or the emotional state of the immigration officer. Inna Kogan will ensure that your application is reviewed in accordance with applicable laws and will protect your rights.

Most importantly, Inna Kogan will prepare you for your immigration interview. You will be instructed in how to dress, how to behave, how to address the immigration officer and what questions to expect. You will have an opportunity to rehearse for the interview with an English-speaking member of The International Immigration Law Firm of Inna Kogan, who will correct any improper answers. You will receive priceless advice from a Canadian licensed lawyer on how to present your most positive features and to veil