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Investors, The Province of Quebec


Investors, The Province of Quebec

Investor is a foreign national who:

  • Has experience in running any kind of qualifying business (manager, executive director or supervisor) or owns a business for not least than 2 years during last 5;
  • Owns legally obtained property valued for not less than $1,600,000 CAD (Canadian dollars). The cumulative market value of business, property and savings owned by both applicant and his or her spouse, including personal real estate, securities and inheritance, are all counted towards the required amount.
  • Confirms an intention to invest not least than $800,000 CAD on deposit of General Treasury Department and to reside in the province of Quebec.

There is no language testing requirement under this program. Currently, this is the only program, where an applicant does  not have to pass IELTS language test.

There are no age restrictions.

Financing option: our clients have an opportunity to obtain financing for their investment of $800,000 Canadian dollars. The financing expenses, including brokerage fees and annual interest, come up to approximately $240,000 CND.

Immigrant visa applicants of this category will have an opportunity to visit Quebec to get acquainted with business conditions, life in the country and potential opportunities for investment. Such visits are welcomed by Canadian authorities and entail certain advantages.

The disadvantages of this program include the fact that applications are accepted only once or twice a year and are restricted to a maximum quota (usually, only 1750 applications are accepted for processing worldwide). For this reason, we recommend you to contact us in advance in order to assess your chances.

Important information: the required investment amount may be increased before the next roll of applications is announced, as well as government processing fees.