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Business Immigration

Business Immigration
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Business Immigration

There are three kinds of business immigration:
Investor program

As a prospective investor, you m­ust provide documentation proving that you operated or owned a profitable business for a minimum of two full years, or that you have managed a minimum of five full-time job equivalents in a business of any size for a minimum of two full years, or a combination of one-year periods in either. You can go back as far as five years before the date of your application to demonstrate this business experience. In addition, an investor must demonstrate through auditor`s reports that they have property (real estate, business value, shares, investments, etc.) valued at C$1,600,000.

The applicant then makes an investment into the Canadian economy in the amount of C$800,000 for the period of five years. This investment is guaranteed by the Canadian government in a form of a promissory note and the full amount of investment is returned after five years. The promissory note cannot be sold, but it can be used as a collateral to obtain a loan.

With the assistance of law firm of Inna Kogan you can obtain financing for your investment. By providing only C$120,000, the investor will then obtain a loan for the remainder of the required amount will be financed by a recognized Canadian bank. You will have to satisfy the visa officer that no portion of your net worth was obtained as a result of criminal activity. You should be able to explain material disparities between your net income over the years and your present net worth, and to comply with reasonable requests for documents to back up both your income sources and the components of your net worth.

In addition to the usual documents in support of any application for immigration to Canada, you will be required to provide documents supporting your past business experience, such as the following:

  • audited financial statements
  • corporate and personal income tax returns
  • tax assessments
  • bank statements
  • business licenses
  • real estate appraisals
  • corporate minute books
  • letters of reference
  • promotional material

An important benefit of the investor program is that there are no monitoring requirements on the permanent resident visa received. There are no conditions to satisfy. The processing times for investors are usually considerably shorter than for other business categories.

If you have any questions about this category, please do not hesitate to contact law firm Inna Kogan or its representatives.


Canada encourages accomplished business people to relocate to Canada in order to contribute to its economy. To demonstrate that you are an accomplished business person, you must demonstrate your business experience through official documentation. You must have an existing business that corresponds to certain requirements. For instance, your company must employ at least two full-time employees; must have a gross annual turnover of CND$500,000.00, or have annual net income of CND$50,000.00.

If you, through your business, qualify for this program, you must also undertake to open or purchase a business in Canada, which would create at least two employment opportunities for Canadians and which will be profitable.

You will also be required to prepare a detailed Business Plan for your proposed Canadian business. Our law firm in cooperation with highly qualified Chartered Accountants and based on your research and business ideas, will prepare a Business Plan, which will persuade an immigration officer that you meet all the existing immigration requirements.

Each and every entrepreneurial applicant will be convoked for a selection interview. Preparation for such interviews is an integral part of our service.

Success of immigration under this category depends completely upon the level of professionalism in the preparation of documents, which prove that the proposed business will be successful in Canada. Immigration law firm of Inna Kogan, BA, LL.B. will help you overcome this hurdle.


This type of immigration is designed for people who have distinguished themselves in various fields of culture, art and sports. These outstanding artists, performers, musicians or athletes will have an opportunity to start their own business in their field passing their expertise on to Canadian students and thus, making a significant contribution into the Canadian culture.

Interestingly, this category also allows farmers to relocate to Canada by opening or purchasing a farm. Canadian government provides immense incentives to farmers through interest-free loans and long-term tax breaks.

Unlike the investor and entrepreneur programs, there are no regulated minimum net worth requirements. However, you will have to satisfy a visa officer that you have sufficient capital to settle yourself and your family in Canada and to finance the specified economic activities that your selection was based on.