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Canadian Infocenter

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NUDO “Rayter-class”

General representative

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Every year, the number of Russians wishing to emigrate from the country increases. Canada is among the four most popular destinations of immigration. Our company is ready to render all possible assistance in registration of necessary documents required to obtain a visa and moved to this country, to make recommendations for the interview with the immigration officer to advise on legislation, taxation, employment, adaptation, and others. We will help you to choose the most convenient program for the relocation of the regional or federal level.

Among young people it is now very common study abroad. Those wishing to study in Canada, our company will select an appropriate school and accommodation during training, will provide technical support.

Those who want to develop a private business under favorable conditions, we will help to quickly overcome the procedure of registration forms, declarations and other documents that help with the acquisition of businesses or the opening of the new location.

If you can not visit our office in person, please contact us in any convenient way: by phone or e-mail.